Derivates Of Famous Photographs
What determines the price of art?

In the present series of works, the price is calculated by a mathematical formula (which considered size and number of color-fields in the composition / in relation to perception), compared to the original image. The titles of the new derivates are also the current prices in US Dollar.

A question to the art market ...

E X H I B I T I O N :
21. March - 07. May 2015
at International Academy for Photography, Berlin

The work will be available at Exhibition or at Saatchi Art (from June 2015) and contains derivatives of the most expensive photographs of the world.

©2015 Marc Wellmann

Derivate #1 of Andreas Gursky - Rhein II - Title: 4.338.500÷364÷4
Derivate #2 of Cindy Sherman - Untitled #96 - Title: 3.890.500÷392÷4
Derivate #3 of Jeff Wall - Dead Troops Talk - Title: 3.666.500÷364÷4
Derivate #8 of Richard Prince - Untitled Cowboy - Title: 1.248.000÷384÷4